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Situated next to the beautiful Fuchun River (Fuchun Jiang),  the Fuyang International Trade Center Hotel (Fuyang Guoji Maoyi Zhongxin Dajiudian) is a five-star business hotel within easy reach of the Dongwu Cultural Park and Mount Guan (Guan Shan).    Riverside guestrooms offer expansive views of the lazy green river while rooms on the other side offer views of the nearby Mount Guan or look out over the city.[View Detail]         

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  • e03379167
    Very nice hotel nice hotel nice hotel
  • bensonfeng
    Service is good
  • aimiao11
    Like ... unexpected.
  • fatboy
    Service really is a five-star, all kinds of intimate details, the rooms are featured in the South, overall good
  • jia6663
    Driving a late price absolute, all are very good
  • imi998
    Which is very nice
  • Jason143
    Local nice hotel, pretty good.
  • Ad leader
    Everything is well recommended
  • fancy1388
    Very good
  • myisia
    Perfect location, service was good ... and not send so many free things. very few hotels all the waiters are so enthusiastic about. hotel management level is very high praise, few hotels full marks. very good experience. Although this was just passing through one night, Fuyang city, next time come to enjoy ourselves
  • liutao036119
    Fuyang city, should be the best local hotels are good in all aspects.
  • GaoDaYuan
    Best hotels in Fuyang, service very good, well all the time, the environment is also good. staff are very polite, we choose to stay here all the time, this hotel in my hometown proud
  • domi138
    Good location, better service, highly recommended!
  • Danian
    Service is good, the room was far from attractions Super!
  • jilixin123
    Hotel facilities very good, breakfast very good, rooms at the hotel, hotels provide free fruit every day and late-night snacks snack, breakfast food is also very good, very warm.
  • dongweijac
    Is to participate in iron three game only staying of, feel service is and warm of, health is good. front desk is for we consider, solution has some we wants to solution of problem, and check out has yihou also allows we package a cup hot coffee car, thanks! yihou also will again to of! last a is three floor of restaurant is good, clean tasty, we everyone is satisfaction.
  • jason19830113
    Very satisfied, left to drink mineral water on the road, very thoughtful
  • e02814476
    Great location, great Jiang Jingfang, noon day dining serve slightly slower
  • bingbing0511
    Good, service very good, speed is too slow.
  • e01444661
    Outside the hotel, as well as on the lobby is very large, staff very friendly very helpful, both very comfortable! room inside the minibar is free of all of the food is also very rare! but in terms of facilities and rooms, slightly older, speed is also very slow, breakfast wasn't amazing enough! in General is good.
  • leoyounger
    Advantage 1, location is good, just on the edge of the river. 2, service is attentive, the initiative asks if you want to map, introduced around; send yogurt, fruits, snacks in the fridge are free; leaving also sent two small fruit, two bottles of mineral water. Disadvantage 1, room renovated older. 2, one is a smell of smoke in the room. 3, the tub blocking. 4, less charging socket, outlet at least a bed, or inconvenient.
  • fotel
    Service, as always, good rooms, as always, like, five minutes
  • eric_wu_
    On the tall, lobby very warm, go when you can send water rolls and fan
  • ican815
    Good service very good, when returned to the children a snack and tea
  • climing
    Service worthy of five-star hotels, some tea at the door housing, call as soon as there is a demand, bathroom for a bath very comfortable, health is very clean, very good, very happy
  • Aris920
    Nice, good service, room was large.
  • soundg2
    Second, staying at the child's slippers and other supplies, check out gave them snacks and evening milk, service is good! 29 breakfast stuff and less of the building complement slower than, 1/f, well. overall worth living!
  • david7902
    Nice ... ... Equipment and facilities are also more satisfying ... ...
  • austor
    Hotel services really don't say it's good, time to subscribe here
  • cloudxia
    Hotels in Nice
  • liyu5874
    Hotel nice warm for the sake of customers is now best hotel credit
  • e02341188
    The environment is clean, and fruits sent
  • guxinfeng
    Services very carefully, very good
  • coffee_tin
    Service very attentive
  • dean_yan
    Hotel environment, facilities, service is good, five-star hotel, and Lake of narada Media Hotel in the same group. in particular service, front desk manager to introduce, meal discounts, in the dining hall of the white fish tastes great, and cheap. when sending a bag of water, sending a large bag of snacks, has been sent on the train to warm my heart! smile!
  • e00750255
    Service special! highly recommended!
  • angelyu5888
  • fjljp
    Lobby service is very good, recommend this hotel!
  • fangwei22
    Good location, just on the edge of the Fuchun River. breakfast 29 or 2 floor, the former nice, slightly less varieties. the latter variety, but not the former. Hotel service is better, more detailed, for guests to be more considerate. 5-floor outdoor pool good.
  • m51fly
    Greatest feature is the service very good. at Fuyang is a good hotel.
  • cyl MA
    All right!
  • Magicdawei
    The national holiday staying Fuyang international ITC big hotel, had to said is I live had of all hotel in the most focused on details of. just to hotel front desk on will sent Shang tea, see I home children immediately sent Shang ceremony package (children dedicated toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers), and asked whether to eat Rod Rod sugar! for room need waiting for 5 minutes staying, so immediately sent has we Hotel Cafe of coffee coupons said apologies. Night Hotel customer service and sent Shang yogurt and snack, special handwriting has;'A dream in the night, good night.' At the time of Check out, giving up fruit and mineral water, and we asked for suggestions for hotels. a series of small details we think the very warm, if you after to Fuyang, will choose to stay!
  • carol4102916
    Service is very good, in the register at the time of registration, a woman handed him tea, hand towels, intimate and warm. rooms are neat and clean, also fruit gift. very pleasant stay, worth and a friend.
  • Jassin
    Great hotel, service superb. from arrival to departure is full of surprises, a paper fan, when foreigners come down in the morning, before breakfast, specially packaged beautifully and fruit early, and delicious coffee, warm heart, really superb.
  • enfant
    Room good, location good, service very good! fridge food free, another milk yogurt fruit and cake! next time will come!
  • CinDy_jiangyan
    Good location
  • superbebe
    5 points
  • e00020251
    Service is in place, will stay again.
  • jacson4286
    Is the best local hotels, all aspects are in place
  • nicolasx
    Best hotels in Fuyang