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Situated next to the beautiful Fuchun River (Fuchun Jiang),  the Fuyang International Trade Center Hotel (Fuyang Guoji Maoyi Zhongxin Dajiudian) is a five-star business hotel within easy reach of the Dongwu Cultural Park and Mount Guan (Guan Shan).    Riverside guestrooms offer expansive views of the lazy green river while rooms on the other side offer views of the nearby Mount Guan or look out over the city.[View Detail]         

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  • eling07
    Hotel by Lake scenery is beautiful and the service is super star, worth a visit
  • cyl MA
    All right!
  • branca
    Very good! front desk service enthusiasm, help we upgrade has room. each I starting to play will to I two bottle water let I with. see I with two a children active sent Shang small fan and children wash supplies, slippers,. I just asked about to wildlife park far not far they on active help I contact good has taxi asked needed not need. night in Chinese Office eat of, service and taste are is good.
  • sunlb
    Satisfied satisfied
  • dai_651170444
    Hotels in Nice
  • blunt
    Hotels in Fuchun River and walking Stork Woodcock was ten minutes. good service, comfort and meticulous. dessert than West Brook Hotel delicious. baked cooking classes in the buffet, technology has yet to be improved, steak like wood, wonton noodle soup with few but tasteless.
  • billyyiu
    Good very good, OK
  • cxangy
    Very satisfied with elegant environment
  • calmever
    Lived in La, Hilton, intercontinental, even more Super Star annatala, Moon hotel and Fuchun. praised are you service. is the best
  • firelyx
    Very good! front desk service enthusiasm, help we upgrade has room. each I starting to play will to I two bottle water let I with. see I with two a children active sent Shang small fan and children wash supplies, slippers,. I just asked about to wildlife park far not far they on active help I contact good has taxi asked needed not need. night in Chinese Office eat of, service and taste are is good. I and son are very satisfaction!
  • robite
    Convenient, good surroundings, hotel management well. services are in place.
  • amibosi_lx
    It's not bad
  • salas168
    Is good of hotel, sent children of slippers children is like. night also has yogurt. left Shi points Exchange has cookies cookies, hotel also gift has we pure water and fairy tale story book, this Xia in next several hours of lane road, children has eat has drink also has story book see has, really of is intimate. Chinese Office of meals compared light is collection elderly of taste. yihou has opportunities also will to live.
  • bjyjy
    Was on this place of hotel not reported what hope, results is staying experience very good, price is high. service very enthusiasm detailed, encountered guest at any time keep smile greeted. set of city King room, staying Hou upgrade to has Riverview, on in Fuchun River. check in Hou has Assistant led to room, because we with baby, also sent has small toothbrush and small slippers, also has Rod Rod sugar. staying sent has copies welcomes fruit, night also has yogurt and Small cake. breakfast dinner sinceHelp varieties not too more, but dish products quality also can. mention two points recommends; 1, may compared sensitive of reasons, think bed products slightly some taste 2, outside Windows dirty, effect vision has, are see not clear fuchunjiang has. anyway this hotel of management service also is is in place of, in domestic live to price so offers, service also so quality of hotel does for minority.
  • e00095587
    Today 28 degrees and sultry hot! but no air conditioner central air conditioning in the room! too hot! went to a restaurant on the third floor had to wait an hour before schedule! presumably late salty food! Razor is full of sand! Hey! a five-star hotel? want to cry but no tears!
  • nounoubaobao
    Service is great! great! Next time you come and stay here.
  • myisia
    Perfect location, service was good ... and not send so many free things. very few hotels all the waiters are so enthusiastic about. hotel management level is very high praise, few hotels full marks. very good experience. Although this was just passing through one night, Fuyang city, next time come to enjoy ourselves
  • leotwl
    Hotel facilities are very good, convenient and thoughtful service, a good choice for business travel, next time will be scheduled.
  • anter66
    Fuyang, nice hotel
  • e02160412
    Very pleasant stay at the hotel whether it's hardware or services meet five-star standards with our daughter and family travel are all very fun your children will have the opportunity to Fuyang was chosen
  • e05206720
    It wasn't too bad
  • r991818
    Hotel Nice hotel nice hotel nice
  • lb_wang
    Very good, worth living!
  • gerryguo
    Very good. service very good. and baby wash bag gift. the front desk staff are very friendly ... next time will choose to stay.
  • gj0204
  • Jussss
    Standard five-star hotel in Fuyang, human services!
    Service is really good, better than the international chain five star service. see the elderly, kids active water, send kids slippers and toothbrushes. the elevator help as well ... very helpful.
  • aweiwei
    River view! hotel, excellent service! breakfast! Wi-Fi fast!
  • xuelovejunxj
    Very good hotel, first-class hardware and warm service, especially for the kids are very friendly, a children's activity area, a gift. or I live the only mini bar free five-star hotel ... great!
  • spj0517
    Service attitude is good, the environment elegant, recommended!
  • cinderla
    Service was good, room with fruit and yogurt, and in the fridge can eat, buffet downstairs is also good
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  • anita8318
    Around Nice River view was beautiful, no shower in the room. impressed by the breakfast Executive room, less variety than downstairs, but quieter.
  • anandan
    In local hotels the most upscale hotels, read online reviews service very good, feel you deserve after the shop's worthy of five-star hotels, the hotel staff are very friendly, our parent-child outings also gave children gifts, all sent to your room. only a suggestion, a five-star hotel's swimming pool to take a swim ring should be free to.
  • fcat000615
    Hotel is very good, used to live, second stay at
  • alex.gao
    Service attentive, rooms at the time of registration on the tea, check out a bag sent three bottles of water that I drink on the way.
  • cmbjoyance
    Five-star standard is not the same services and facilities can, good breakfast, very good
  • bonsai022
    Good service good invincible Riverview breakfast
  • gob2929
    Not mentioning that the hotel's service is the best I have stayed in hotels, Vice manager of lobby with back to the room we upgraded the room! sent presents for the kids in the lobby, give cookies to children leaving, hot prepared mineral water for adults, really!
  • liyuanxi
    Not recommended for business people repeat the stay hotel. easily angered by the service in this hotel. rooms used pillow cases do not charge, milk Cup after use, no charge. strange service
  • daocaoren4107
    The hotel service was put in place, especially for children carefully, service is great, follow me, impressed, hope can be maintained.
  • fujianlong2011
    Service is very good, very pleasant
  • doublexxy
    Friends, not bad
  • leslie_air
    Service is very good, is my upgraded room lights Dim, others are good.
  • stormwy
    Good service attitude.
  • love330444
    Hotel location is very good, on the waterfront, River Green well, can also go to the nearby Eastern Wu Culture Park, walking is very good.
  • angela5680616
    A very good environment, very upscale, equipment, facilities, service great
  • Magicdawei
    The national holiday staying Fuyang international ITC big hotel, had to said is I live had of all hotel in the most focused on details of. just to hotel front desk on will sent Shang tea, see I home children immediately sent Shang ceremony package (children dedicated toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers), and asked whether to eat Rod Rod sugar! for room need waiting for 5 minutes staying, so immediately sent has we Hotel Cafe of coffee coupons said apologies. Night Hotel customer service and sent Shang yogurt and snack, special handwriting has;'A dream in the night, good night.' At the time of Check out, giving up fruit and mineral water, and we asked for suggestions for hotels. a series of small details we think the very warm, if you after to Fuyang, will choose to stay!
  • NCstone
    Riverview room scenery is very good, hotel services and thoughtful details are quite satisfied, hotel buffet was good.
  • jason42
    Take the kids to, also gave small gifts, sweet