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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Hotel Fuyang International Trade Center, Hangzhou (Fuyang International Trade Center Hotel Hangzhou), L'hotel è situato nel centro dell'economia, del commercio e della cultura di Fuyang City, accanto al fiume Fuchun. Si chiarisce che il fiume e l'hotel si completano e diventano uno.È adiacente al parco culturale dell'East Wu con un forte sapore di 'Tre Regni' e la montagna di cicogna, conosciuta come la famosa montagna culturale in Cina orientale. A sud, ci sono barche sul fiume Fuchun, e a nord, si può godere il paesaggio della città in fila. In realtà, è un posto eccellente per affari e svago.
Zhejiang Shimao Junlan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. è un boutique hotel completo che integra business e svago.Ci sono tutti i tipi di camere di lusso nel negozio, con tutti i tipi di strutture.L'hotel dispone di ristoranti cinesi e occidentali, sala executive, hall bar, cucina giapponese e altri servizi di catering, fornendo un centro commerciale, boutique centro commerciale, palestra, scacchi e carte, sauna, bagno a piedi, KTV e altre strutture, che vi faranno sentire il servizio meticoloso e premuroso dell'hotel.
Oltre al lavoro occupato, è possibile allungare il corpo e la mente in camere spaziose, calde e ben attrezzate, o prendere un sorso di tè tra le montagne verdi e le acque belle, guardare il fiume frizzante, godere di un turismo perfetto, svago e viaggio d'affari.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • gamboleoy
    All right
  • Grace0722
  • dw0225
    Administration building is to force.
  • ifc1234
    Very nice hotel, especially in the regions, attentive hospitality, warm welcome for tired guests, the first feeling is very comfortable, always book this hotel
  • maple905
    Very good service, also can be, and will continue to patronize
  • daitung
    Breakfast needs to be improved.
  • lldpla
    Can be said to be impeccable. facilities and services are very good, very, very close. live very comfortable., although I stayed for one night, Fuyang city, later to play some live this.
  • e02276424
    Very good ... next time to stay here. of course you want to take a look at their wallets support. the reception was very kind and comfortable. If I had to say no, this is the hotel's parking management should be strengthened. nobody's business, no one command, nobody reads it.
  • benron
    Great service, highly recommended
  • coolcream46
    Very good location, Riverview, and very suitable for family travel.
  • yambb
    Room is a musty smell! the duty manager said should immediately inform the room immediately! service is very good!
  • angelyang8283
    Hotel Jiang Jingfang is praise, landscape good of is 08 to 16 double room. double bed is big, four feet of. National during service is good, has welcomes fruit, chocolate, night at 8 o'clock also sent small pastry and yogurt. pool is outdoor of, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon water temperature only 20 degrees, too cold has. table tennis and billiards to charges, 48 Yuan each hours. Hotel door entrance lane is small, not note on missed has. Hotel bath is with bathtub of, not too good
  • Cydia
    Great!, comfortable room beautiful, very good!
  • m04829299
    Well worth staying at the hotel
  • linda000000
    As well, the minbar in the food is free, good deal
  • lutong67
    Price/performance is not high, vintage shops, just like that.
  • lisa_1030
    Hotel very well indeed, and attention to detail. Services is very strong ... very much.
  • elbow
    The price, the room, extremely general. If you don't upgrade, entirely live without it.
  • Anne33
    Very good, you feel good
  • darrenfly
    Feels like home, great! thank you candy services.
  • liji4471974
    Top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top
  • fcat000615
    Hotel is very good, used to live, second stay at
  • Dengxy_1154
    Hardware Shang, software as a service unimaginable good! warm and thoughtful staff, details of hotels in every possible way! worth again in the future.
  • aweiwei
    River view! hotel, excellent service! breakfast! Wi-Fi fast!
  • anandan
    In local hotels the most upscale hotels, read online reviews service very good, feel you deserve after the shop's worthy of five-star hotels, the hotel staff are very friendly, our parent-child outings also gave children gifts, all sent to your room. only a suggestion, a five-star hotel's swimming pool to take a swim ring should be free to.
  • wppmimi79
    Fuyang city, this hotel is very satisfied with the hotel where I lived, service very good, very human.
  • liang132
    Whole hotel is permeated with rich culture, is unique. service is no better words, meticulously, and active care. in today's too rare. all live experience.
  • cucuberber
    Friendly! next time will stay
  • e00061240
    Service is very good, only if a child without it would have been better at half price for breakfast.
  • extremum
    Service is good
    Okay, at Fuyang is fine. no swimming pool is a disadvantage, breakfast also generally.
  • adppo
    Which is very nice
  • xueyuxinfeng
    All right
  • e00717477
    It's OK
  • giogo
    Hotel Nice hotel outdoor swimming pool was the highlight of the summer high performance-price ratio
  • gaodayouyou
    Staying in Fuyang Fuchun River for the first time all round it felt good next choice would still be making a suggestion; shower with hand-held shower would be better for kids bath
  • liuliu94741
    Clause Riverview room, you can see the Fuchun River, hotel service very good, care for the elderly. Dad must have asked me to write a thank you note. would heartily recommend attractions, food tastes good, is serving a bit slower.
  • lrstereo
    Very good-hope more specials
  • climing
    Service worthy of five-star hotels, some tea at the door housing, call as soon as there is a demand, bathroom for a bath very comfortable, health is very clean, very good, very happy
  • darwei
    Rooms at many times, the best local. rooms at many times, the best local. rooms at many times, the best local.
  • justinice
    Environment is OK, you can see at night
  • snoopy661
    Hotel of location too Rod has, from window see out is fuchunjiang beauty! staff are is enthusiasm, recommended of hotel also is good! pool is has creative! to of day is Tanabata section, a to lobby on has staff to each bit ladies offer rose spent, to has room, rooms Department also sent to small gift, eat good dinner back Hotel found desks Shang and more has two tank yogurt, also has left found coffee table Shang also has small gift, although does not expensive, but see obtained hotel is heart, pushRecommended!
  • fdsafa
    Is good, price is on the high side
  • wode23
    Friends like
  • benbenmaoo
    With a family trip, originally planned to live 'Fuchun', but sought to add a fail, lived here for one room, lobby, and the restaurant staff were very good on the third floor, and were going to go out for dinner finally decided to eat meals in the restaurant! contrast 'Fuchun' called service and prices to warm a lot! recommended!
  • Steven_j
    Staying in the hotel for the fourth time in three years, all equipment is well maintained, but also send fruit bowl. This is full of the biggest attractions of the hotel River view, well ... next time stay
  • e00999522
    Booked two rooms! service was warm, sweet! very good is highly recommended, going next time! if breakfast was rich, more perfect!
  • Magicdawei
    The national holiday staying Fuyang international ITC big hotel, had to said is I live had of all hotel in the most focused on details of. just to hotel front desk on will sent Shang tea, see I home children immediately sent Shang ceremony package (children dedicated toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers), and asked whether to eat Rod Rod sugar! for room need waiting for 5 minutes staying, so immediately sent has we Hotel Cafe of coffee coupons said apologies. Night Hotel customer service and sent Shang yogurt and snack, special handwriting has;'A dream in the night, good night.' At the time of Check out, giving up fruit and mineral water, and we asked for suggestions for hotels. a series of small details we think the very warm, if you after to Fuyang, will choose to stay!
  • sunny_ruan
    Service is very good, facilities are good, and worth living!
  • sonytony
    Very helpful service, will be the next last